The Lost Skull



  • Category: Mini-adventure

    This is an Mini-adventure adventure - Short adventure, with extra - often optional - quests to perform during the play..

  • Experience level: 26

    To start this adventure, your experience level must be 26, or higher.

  • Experience points: 3320xp

    After finishing, you can get up to 3320 experience points.
    Note: if you skip some camps, the number of experience points you get can be lower.

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Available time: 2 days

    You have up to 2 days to complete the adventure.

Adventure banner: The Lost Skull

Possible loot

After you complete the adventure, you will receive loot as shown bellow.
Percent values represent the chance of getting the specific loot.

Island map, for adventure: The Lost Skull

Enemy units

In this adventure, you will have to deal with the following units:

Zones and camps


Table bellow will help you to estimate the relative value of The Lost Skull, in comparison to other resources:


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